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Article: Are hair gummies effective?

Les gummies cheveux aident à fortifier les cheveux et à booster leur croissance.

Are hair gummies effective?

What are gummies?

Gummies are new generation food supplements in the form of chewing gums. This new innovative concept has quickly conquered the French market in recent years, in particular thanks to the appearance and ease of use of the gummies.

Gummies, food supplements that look like candy

Indeed, gummy has a color, texture, shape and taste similar to candy. Fun and appetizing, this little eraser looks more like a confectionery than a pharmacy product.

In addition, gummies are easier to swallow than traditional capsules, do not require water, and are easy to take anywhere.

Gummies, new health and beauty products

Most gummies are considered natural products, vegan, gluten-free, without artificial colors or flavors, 100% made in France, enriched with nutrients (vitamins and trace elements) and plants. They are therefore emerging as new health products.

The gummies are intended to promote daily well-being and beauty: better quality sleep, a boost to the immune system, faster growth of hair and nails, and even skin maintenance. Some also act as an anti-stress, or help burn fat.

Délicure, the ideal brand for a cure of gummies 

Concerned about everyone's well-being, Délicure offers food supplements in the form of vegan gummies, natural, without artificial flavors or colors, low in sugar, not tested on animals, gluten-free and lactose-free, to meet specific needs: reduced immunity, a state of stress or overwork, insomnia or even weakened hair.

Gummies made in France with the help of health experts

All its food supplements are manufactured in a French laboratory certified ISO 9001 and ISO 22 000, the highest international standards for foodstuffs to guarantee optimal quality and responsible production.

Their compositions have been developed by pharmacists and naturopaths to guarantee perfect synergy of the active ingredients contained in the gummies and optimize the effectiveness of the products.

New cure for “Hair” gummies

Let yourself be seduced by our delicious gummies for hair beauty!

Recently, the brand launched “Hair” gummies targeted for the beauty of hair , nails and skin. With a delicious wild fruit flavor, these gums have the effect of strengthening hair, accelerating its growth and slowing down its loss. In addition, they help strengthen the nails and ensure the maintenance of normal skin .

What do Délicure Hair gummies contain?


A sugar-free and vegan beauty food supplement

You should know that Délicure Hair gummies do not contain sugar (unlike classic gummies found on the market) and are not made with animal gelatin but with fruit pectin. This product is therefore accessible to vegan people.

B group vitamins

Hair gummies are composed of B group vitamins (vitamin B6, vitamin B8 or biotin, vitamin B9, vitamin B12) which contribute to healthy hair and contributes to good hair growth. They are also the best allies for maintaining healthy nails and skin.

B vitamins promote the production of keratin, an essential protein that makes up hair and nails. They thus become stronger, more resistant and grow faster.

Vitamin B6 boosts keratin, promotes regrowth and slows hair loss. It also strengthens nails and skin.

In addition, this vitamin strengthens the action of other vitamins.

Vitamin B8, or biotin, is the beauty vitamin par excellence that helps maintain healthy hair and nails. It helps make hair stronger and stimulates its growth. Biotin also promotes cell renewal and protects the skin and mucous membranes from oxidation.

Vitamin B9 helps strengthen and promote the growth of the appendages (hair and nails) thanks to better oxygenation of the scalp.

Vitamin B12, essential for the production of red blood cells, promotes the supply of oxygen to the scalp, and therefore contributes to faster hair growth. In addition, this vitamin slows down cell aging and the appearance of white hair.

Vitamin E

Hair gummies also contain vitamin E, which helps improve the quality of hair and nails, as well as protecting the skin from external attacks.

Zinc and selenium

In addition to vitamins, Hair gummies are composed of two essential trace elements which are zinc and selenium. Very powerful, they limit breakage and slow premature aging of hair, nails and skin.

Blueberry extract

Finally, to maximize the effects, the Hair gummies contain blueberry extract. Rich in antioxidants, this small fruit stimulates the production of collagen, activates the blood microcirculation of the scalp, and thus promotes faster hair growth.


Discover our effective hair gummies to enhance your hair!

How to use Délicure Hair gummies?

How many Hair gummies to take per day?

It is recommended to take two gummies per day. One jar contains a one-month cure (60 gummies).

When to take Hair gummies?

Hair gummies can be eaten at any time of the day. They fit effortlessly into a daily routine.

For whom are Hair gummies not recommended?

Hair gummies are not recommended for children under 16 years of age. As for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people taking medication or at risk of allergies, they must seek the advice of their doctor before any supplementation.

What are the precautions for using Hair gummies?

To guarantee optimal results, this gummies treatment should not replace a healthy and balanced diet.

In addition, as with many food supplements, the recommended daily doses should not be exceeded.

What are the storage conditions for Hair gummies?

Hair gummies must be stored in a dry place, away from light and heat so as not to alter their quality.

Is it possible to consume several courses of gummies at the same time?

Hair gummies can be combined with other ranges of gummies .


When are the first results visible?

The first results are visible after one month of treatment, but to have better results, it is recommended to do a three-month treatment.

Reviews of Délicure Hair gummies



Top ! The taste is exceptional, the price is great. Started the treatment 5 days ago, to see for the effects. To date, these are the best hair gummies I have ever tasted.


Sugar-free hair gummies 60 gummies

Excellent quality products!


Delicious product!

I ordered these gummies to help my hair grow and strengthen my nails.
They are much easier to take than classic food supplements, their wild berry taste is delicious.
I'm only 2 weeks into using it, so it's too early to see results. I will come back to give my opinion at the end of my treatment.
The delivery was very fast, thank you Délicure!



Back to the hair delicure product test: I am a big consumer of gummies, the taste is very successful, congratulations, they are among the best gummies that I have been able to test. I started the treatment upon receipt so 20 days ago, I am very satisfied, the results are visible both on my hair and on my nails. The formula is therefore effective, I validate this range 100%. Big strong point in my opinion: the announced selling price, given the composition and the sugar-free formula, this range is undeniably the best quality/price ratio on the market.


Passed test

Thanks to délicure for allowing me to test this range before its release.
The taste is excellent, difficult to tell the difference with gummies containing sugar.
I started the treatment two weeks ago, just to see the effects but surprisingly it is on my skin that I see the most results, in fact it is much brighter and my nails are becoming much stronger. I will give my feelings when I have reached the end of the two months of treatment. Thank you again for allowing us to test your products before their release, it’s a great idea!!


Watch our video on the 9 best vitamins for hair:

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