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Article: What are the links between stress and sleep disorders?

Les liens entre le stress et les problèmes de sommeil.

What are the links between stress and sleep disorders?

Stress is considered a natural reaction of the body, called physiological, allowing us to escape or cope with a particular situation. It concerns all social groups and all age groups, most generally over a short period of time. A situation of chronic stress, for its part, is pathological.

Symptoms linked to a state of stress are muscle contractions, digestive or cardiovascular problems, skin rashes, sleep problems (which can lead to insomnia), migraines, dizziness, nausea, significant fatigue or even loss of appetite.

Stress is not an illness in itself, but in the long term can cause weight gain, diabetes, heart or kidney problems, depression, burn-out, as well as a drop in immune defenses which make the body more susceptible to infections.

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Links between stress and sleep disorders

 There is a close link between these two aspects, in fact, stress can be the cause of sleep disorders, and, conversely, lack of sleep can constitute a stress factor.

Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body which maintains and regulates vital functions. The duration and quality of sleep are important for improving overall physical and mental health. To better understand sleep, it is important to learn about its different phases .

Sleep disorders are often associated with insomnia, which results in a lack of (non-refreshing) sleep. It is characterized by difficulty falling asleep, waking up several times during the night or waking up too early the next day.

In addition to impacting the mental and physical activities of the day, insomnia causes drowsiness, irritability as well as difficulty concentrating and remembering.

Other than stress, the causes of sleep disorders can be respiratory illnesses, pain linked to certain illnesses (osteoarthritis, cancer, polyarthritis, etc.), allergies, consumption of exciting products (caffeine, tobacco, energy drinks) or alcohol, eating too much before bed or depression.

The consequences of a lack of sleep are not without risk, it can lead to serious health problems, a risk of heart disease and cardiovascular arrest, diabetes, obesity or even depression.

Natural solutions to relieve sleep disorders.

Treat yourself naturally

The World Health Organization recognizes herbal medicine as conventional medicine. It consists of using medicinal plants to improve one's health. It is an alternative to chemical medications (antidepressants, anxiolytics, psychotropic drugs, etc.) which can cause long-term harmful health risks.

Rhodiola, hawthorn, passionflower and St. John's wort are recognized anti-stress plants (link to the article What are the best anti-stress plants?).

Furthermore, there are organic and natural food supplements (in the form of capsules, tablets, ampoules, gummies, etc.) based on adaptogenic plants, which help soothe daily anxiety and thus promote better sleep.

This is the case with Délicure, which offers 100% French vegan food supplements in the form of gummies. They are plant-based, rich in soothing active ingredients to relieve anxiety and promote quality sleep:

  • The “ Stress ” range helps fight stress and relax the body thanks to plants (rhodiola, saffron, holy basil) and the amino acid GABA. Simply chew two gummies at any time of the day when feeling stressed.
  • The “ Sleep ” range is rich in relaxing plants (passion flower, lime blossom, poppy petal), vitamins (B5, B6) and melatonin (sleep hormone). Taking two gummies before bedtime makes it easier to fall asleep and relax, and therefore allows you to get a good night's sleep.
  • CBD , from the hemp plant, also seems ideal because it promotes relaxation. This natural molecule is now commonly consumed by people seeking natural well-being. Délicure offers a wide range of organic CBD oils adapted to different objectives (sleep, stress, pain, female ailments)

These supplements are easier to ingest than capsules or tablets, and do not cause addiction or side effects.

Other tips against sleep disorders associated with stress

Aside from plants, the essential oils of fine lavender, Roman chamomile and shell marjoram also help soothe anxiety disorders and fight insomnia. Their virtues are recognized in the field of health, their therapeutic indications (digestive, circulatory, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, etc.) make it possible to treat the minor ailments of life and everyday life. When symptoms of stress appear, it is advisable to breathe one for several minutes.

To avoid any risk of insomnia, it is not recommended to carry out a sporting activity before bedtime, to have a large evening meal, to consume any exciting substance (caffeine, tobacco, alcohol) and to be too exposed to screens.

You should prioritize a relaxation activity such as meditation and yoga, a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals and set up a bedtime ritual (respect regular bedtimes and getting up times).

Finally, to make it easier to fall asleep , it is strongly recommended to sleep in a quiet, dark and not too heated room.

In the event of chronic stress or severe insomnia, the best solution is to consult your doctor who will be able to assess the situation and provide adequate treatment.

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