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Article: Stress or anxiety?

apprendre a lutter contre l'anxiété et l'angoisse

Stress or anxiety?

More and more people are currently affected by numerous psychological and physical symptoms such as fatigue, nervousness, fears and phobias, burn-out , different forms of stress, anxieties, anxieties, etc. Generally speaking, everyone today is likely to experience anxiety or have recurring anxious thoughts, or quite simply behave signs of anxiety or chronic distress. For some, the discrepancies come from the situations, the symptoms, or even the seriousness of the phenomenon. But do we really know the medical differences between the concepts of anguish and anxiety?




The definitions

Anxiety is generally defined as a one-off emotion which is characterized by the presence of “crises” that are most often recurrent or repeated. When this is repeated, the emotion is characterized by both physical and psychological discomfort, resulting from a sensation of the appearance or imminence of danger. The attacks are quite similar to panic attacks.

Anxiety is generally defined as a chronic emotion which is characterized by psychological disorders, sudden distress, strong apprehension, extreme worry, caused by the fear of danger, more or less imminent.

These two sensory and nervous phenomena are actually present in a latent state in humans, until a triggering event, a sort of initial insecurity, which will activate the phenomenon in the body. The very first feeling, before the feeling of anxiety (or later anxiety) is stress.



anxiety and stress

From anxiety to anguish

Anxiety is a natural sensation, very widespread in humans and has always been present. However, depending on its degree of importance in the individual, anxiety can lead to distress. Indeed, when anxiety arises in an uncontrolled or excessive manner (whether for no apparent reason or in response to a triggering event), it can lead to such deep apprehension that it becomes anxiety (which will manifest itself by crises more or less spaced out over time). In this case, it is a real pathology whose origins and real causes are sometimes complex to determine. However, the shade remains very thin and very subtle.

Depending on the individual, there may be certain “favorable breeding grounds”, certain natural predispositions which may favor the appearance of the phenomenon. But it is certain specific factors that will propagate and intensify this pathology in the individual.

Generally, chronic anxiety (the most widespread among forms of anxiety) can appear as a resurgence of early childhood trauma (childhood phobias, fear of abandonment, etc.) or of a current trauma (family anxiety, social anxiety, social phobia, professional anxiety, separation anxiety, etc.), as an unconscious continuity of a parental emotional pattern (where the parents were hyper-anxious, or on the contrary too protective, too demanding, etc.). Most of the time, the origin of the feeling of unease and unease being complex to determine, as is the degree of appreciation of the feeling, scientists currently consider anxiety as an exacerbated and absolute form of anxiety. . Seizures are characterized by physical disorders, primarily respiratory problems, palpitations, sometimes neurological, or even in certain cases a tetany attack. We can also include anxiety disorders, obsessive disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, sometimes agoraphobia or claustrophobia, or even repeated insomnia. This can thus cause several types of (ephemeral) physical disability. Whatever the degree of the pathology, anxiety today remains relatively complex to treat. This is why more and more people who suffer from it today favor preventive medicines or alternative medicines as prevention. We can cite acupuncture and herbal medicine, which help relieve symptoms. However, just like medications, these solutions act on the symptoms, but not on the internal mechanisms like real remedies. This is why, depending on the origins and causes of appearance, therapy or psychological monitoring (sometimes psychiatric) are very often prescribed or offered to people who suffer from anxiety attacks . To be as effective as possible and reduce anxiety as best as possible, this behavioral therapy is almost always combined with medicinal or medical help in order to regain mental health as quickly as possible.



Food supplements

Several medications or food supplements offer attempts to prevent different forms of stress using certain particularly suitable plants and vitamins such as adaptogenic plants but also linden, verbena, valerian, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin PP, etc…

Délicure offers a perfectly indicated anti-stress supplement in its range: “Absolute Relaxation” gummies. This is a supplement which, like all the other ranges of the brand, is: made in France, gluten-free, 100% vegan, with delicious natural flavors, not tested on animals, and packaged in recyclable packaging! The gummies are composed of an alloy of gaba, holy basil, rhodiola, saffron and vitamin B6, in order to protect the nervous system, reduce stress levels, and promote relaxation!

Délicure also offers CBD oils based on 100% pure and natural avocado oil and sweet almond oil. CBD is a natural molecule from the hemp plant appreciated by its consumers for its numerous therapeutic virtues. Délicure CBD oils thus have the effect of relaxing and relaxing the body on a daily basis.




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