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Article: What are the benefits of goji berry?

Découvrez les bienfaits de la baie de goji !

What are the benefits of goji berry?

Many medicinal plants or plants used for centuries in alternative medicine are now being rediscovered and increasingly reused for various uses. Their properties are increasingly widespread and disseminated across the planet. Among them, one stands out as a real example: the goji berry.

The characteristics and properties of the goji berry

The goji berry ( lycium barbarum ) is a plant native to China, sometimes nicknamed “smile fruit” or “fruit of eternal youth”, and used for millennia by local populations for its numerous properties and its various medicinal virtues. In religious tradition, Taoist monks often used it and even prescribed it in order to achieve immortality. However, it is since the 1990s that it has developed in Europe, and since the 2000s that it has truly spread.

In Europe and France, it comes in the form of dried fruit because its transport as fresh fruit is prohibited outside its original growing region (China). Its caloric value is therefore extremely low due to this dehydrated aspect, i.e. around 350 calories/100 g.

The goji berry, a fruit with multiple benefits.

The benefits of goji berry

First of all, the goji berry has an extraordinary antioxidant content. According to current scientists, it is the plant (and therefore potentially the food) with the most antioxidants in the world. It is therefore the best remedy to fight against free radicals, which are (among other things) the primary cause of aging and degeneration of cells. In a pictorial way, the goji berry helps keep the body young, vigorous, and the organism as little impacted as possible. The entire immune system is stimulated and the natural defenses are better prepared to resist attacks or infections of the body. The epidermis is also “rejuvenated” because it remains more supple and smooth (cellular anti-aging). Cardiovascular diseases are avoided or slowed down, there are also anti-inflammatory effects, liver protection, anti-tumor action, reduction of blood sugar and anti-cholesterol effects. Some scientists have also mentioned prevention of eye disorders.

The goji berry also has a very large quantity of vitamins and minerals (no less than 21 vitamins and minerals in total including zinc, copper, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, germanium, etc.), a large quantity of amino acids (18 in total including tryptophan, isoleucine, etc.), flavonoids, phenolic acids, beta-sitosterols, polysaccharides, etc. It notably has a high content of vitamin C, which makes it a particularly effective remedy against fatigue, partial weakening or total exhaustion. The other vitamins allow us to resist and fight against small deficiencies. The high quantity of calcium can also help preventively, particularly regarding the risks of osteoporosis. The large quantity of fiber and protein make it a preferred food which then serves as a palliative for dietary deficiencies, in particular deficiencies linked to weight loss diets.

The goji berry finally has benefits capable of regulating cholesterol levels (in the body), but also blood sugar levels (sugar levels in the blood), as well as blood pressure. It can also have a regenerating and detoxifying effect on cells, and purifying the body.

Currently, the goji berry is consumed in the form of dried fruit, powder, or fruit juice. The qualitative recommendation concerns goji berries labeled “Organic Agriculture”, coming from South-East Asia. The only contraindication concerns pregnant and lactating women because goji berries influence and stimulate the uterus. In rare cases of allergy, the goji berry belongs to the family of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other potatoes (among others); It is therefore advisable to be careful with people who are allergic to it when consuming the goji berry for the first time.

Food supplements

Nowadays, many dietary supplements feature a range that includes goji berry extracts, especially those that attempt to preserve the body's immunity.

Délicure offers in its range a perfectly indicated supplement to strengthen the body's immunity:  “Immunity” gummies . This is a supplement which, like all the other ranges of the brand, is: made in France , gluten-free, 100% vegan, with delicious natural flavors, not tested on animals, and packaged in recyclable packaging! The “Immunity” gummies are composed of an alloy of: zinc , manganese, copper, vitamin C, elderberry, probiotics and goji berry juice from organic farming.

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