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Article: Hair: how to get rid of split ends?

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Hair: how to get rid of split ends?

Hair has a unique composition, it is made up of scales piled on top of each other. Subjected to external aggression, these scales become fragile and eventually detach. “Forks” then appear on the hair shaft.

They represent a real hair problem and a hindrance for people who wish to maintain good hair length.

First, what is a fork?

Split ends, a hair problem.

Split ends are considered to be a deformation of the hair fiber. When hair is split, the hair fiber is exposed like a tree that has lost its bark.

A split end is the consequence of aging of the oldest part of the hair, which are the ends.

It can appear in several forms:

  • A splitting of the hair fiber into two or more branches.
  • A white dot at the end of the hair or along the lengths.
  • A “wrinkling” of the hair fiber.
  • A knot present on the hair fiber.
  • A refinement at the tip of the hair.
  • A bend in the hair in the form of a right angle.

People with long hair are most at risk of split ends.

What causes split ends?

Several factors favor the appearance of split ends in the hair such as rubbing the ends with clothing, dietary deficiencies, the use of unsuitable or harmful hair products, aggressive brushing, all types of coloring or even the frequent use of Heating devices (hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, etc.).

In addition, dry, weakened and dehydrated ends very often end up transforming into split ends.

Can we treat split ends?

Take care of your hair every day to prevent split ends!

There is no miracle cure for split ends, in fact, split ends cannot be repaired. Once the hair fiber is damaged, there is no turning back.

The best way to eliminate split ends is to go to the hairdresser to cut off several inches. Otherwise, the split ends will rise up in the hair and break higher and higher. The ends of the hair will become finer and less full.

How to prevent the appearance of split ends on the lengths?

There are a few tips to follow to take care of your hair, save your damaged hair and prevent the appearance of split ends.

Brush your hair gently

Aggressive brushing can damage the lengths of the hair and contribute to the appearance of split ends. To avoid this, you must choose a good brush made from natural materials such as wood, and brush your hair gently to avoid creating knots.

Limit the use of heating appliances

Heating appliances are the biggest culprits for split ends. Indeed, heat contributes to dehydration and makes the hair very sensitive.

It is therefore preferable to let your hair dry in the open air, and to limit blow-drying as much as possible.


Use natural treatments to moisturize your hair

Dehydrated hair promotes the appearance of split ends. It is therefore necessary to take natural care to prevent them and give strength to the hair.

An oil bath or a plant-based hair mask are very effective in deeply nourishing and hydrating. It is advisable to do an oil bath or a mask once a week, the break time can vary from a few hours to a whole night.

The best vegetable oils to use to care for your hair are castor oil or coconut oil. For a nourishing and restorative mask, shea butter or coconut butter are ideal.


Cut the ends of your hair regularly

To limit split ends, it is advisable to go to the hairdresser every 3 or 4 months. Cutting a few centimeters will restore strength to the hair, or even stimulate its growth .

Restore strength to your hair with Délicure’s Bright Hair gummies!

Take beauty food supplements

To maintain hair and help it grow without split ends, food supplements are a real beauty ally. Enriched with vitamins and trace elements, they will nourish and strengthen the hair fiber from the inside, and thus protect it from external aggressions.

Délicure offers a range of gummies entitled “  Hair Gummies .” With a delicious wild fruit flavor, the gummies are vegan, natural and made in France. They are composed of blueberry, vitamins (vitamins B6, B8, B9, B12, E) and trace elements (zinc, selenium) essential for maintaining healthy hair.


Watch our video on the 9 best vitamins for hair:

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