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Article: The best anti-stress sports

voici les meilleurs sport pour lutter contre le stress

The best anti-stress sports

Practicing sport brings many health benefits, including combating stress. Indeed, sporting activities make it possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep in shape, strengthen the immune system as well as provide both physical and psychological well-being.

Stress is a natural phenomenon that can affect all social groups and all age groups. The sources of stress are diverse and can be linked to health, personal problems, professional life or even the living environment.

If stress is chronic or persistent, it can affect daily life and lead to chronic disorders (fatigue, anxiety, sleep problems, depression, back pain, etc.).

To effectively combat stress, sport has proven to be an excellent practice that helps relieve tension and find serenity on a daily basis.

The benefits of sport on stress

A sporting activity helps stimulate the production of hormones called endorphins in the body. They have the effect of causing a feeling of well-being.

Sport also helps you think or concentrate on something other than your dark thoughts, and to refocus on yourself by putting aside everyday hazards.

In addition, practicing sports in the great outdoors helps you escape, recharge your batteries and change your perspective. They allow you to “take a break” by putting aside problems, not to run away from them, but to approach them in a more serene way.

list of the best anti-stress sports

The best anti-stress sports 


Swimming is a sport with multiple benefits for the body. It works, painlessly, all the muscles of the human body.

Water acts as an excellent stress reliever, so swimming is considered a relaxing sport. Doing a few laps is enough to find a state of relaxation and well-being.

Apart from swimming, there are also other water sports such as aquabike, aquagym or even aquacrunch.


When a person runs , they are in communion and symbiosis with themselves. Jogging helps you escape and concentrate on the passing landscapes.

In addition, running helps clear the mind of stress or anger, makes you feel more relaxed, and leads to good fatigue which promotes good sleep at night.

In order to fully benefit from the benefits of this sport, the ideal is to run for around thirty minutes 2 to 3 times a week.


In addition to being a sport, yoga represents a true philosophy of life that soothes the body and mind. This Indian practice is today very widespread in the Western world to develop well-being and live in good health.

A yoga session consists of performing more or less complex postures, stretching, core training as well as relaxation exercises. It will help reduce stress by lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

Tai chi

“Tai chi” is a physical discipline of Chinese origin. It is an “internal” martial art because it focuses on aspects linked to the mind and energy, unlike “external” martial arts (traditional kung fu for example).

Tai chi consists of performing continuous, circular movements with a certain slowness and precision. Generally speaking, it is practiced barehanded and barefoot.

This practice helps, among other benefits, to maintain good physical, mental and spiritual health. Tai chi is therefore perfect for limiting stress and promoting concentration.

Other tips to combat stress

First of all, it is strongly recommended to get enough sleep at night and in good conditions (silence, darkness, good bedding , etc.). Fight against Sleep disorders are important, in fact, good restorative sleep allows you to better manage your emotions as well as your stress.

Performing calm and deep breathing exercises is beneficial to oxygenate the body, encourage listening to your body and send the signal to the body that the situation is under control.

In addition, you must have a varied and balanced diet and avoid the consumption of any substances harmful to your health such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs. It is better to favor plants with relaxing and anti-stress properties.

To prevent stress, Délicure offers plant-based “ anti-stress ” vegan gummies. They are composed of vitamin B6, the amino acid GABA and plants (rhodiola, saffron, holy basil). During a stressful situation, it is advisable to take two gummies to reduce anxiety, protect the nervous system and promote relaxation. Délicure also offers several products with CBD , an active ingredient which is very valuable in helping to manage stress. 


Watch our video on the 8 most asked questions about CBD:

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