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Article: 5 tips to get in shape

Gardez la pêche avec ces 5 conseils !

5 tips to get in shape

“Fitness” is characterized by optimal and harmonious functioning of the body. It can manifest at different levels: psychological, joint, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and nervous.

On a daily basis, this body is constantly put to the test by fatigue, stress, bad toxins and illnesses.

To deal with it, here are 5 tips for being in shape every day:

1 Get restful sleep 

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Sleeping well is essential for the regeneration of the body. Indeed, sleep of sufficient duration and quality helps improve attention, behavior, memory capacity, as well as the general state of mental and physical health.

To guarantee quality sleep, it is recommended to choose bedding adapted to your needs and to sleep in a dark, quiet and cool room. Screens (computer, cell phone, television, etc.) should be avoided to benefit from better sleep.

There is no ideal duration of sleep, everyone must find their ideal sleep rhythm to be sufficiently fit from morning to evening.

To benefit from restful sleep, Délicure offers vegan and natural “ Sleep ” gummies. They are composed of plants (linden, passionflower, poppy) and vitamins (B5, B6) which will promote rapid falling asleep and better quality sleep.

If you feel tired during the day, taking a 20-minute nap is beneficial to give you the extra energy needed to finish the day.

2 Have a healthy and balanced diet

Eat a balanced diet to stay in shape.

To be in good shape, eating well is also essential. Food is the body's fuel, so fats, sugars and proteins must be combined judiciously.

Fruits and vegetables should be consumed as desired because they represent an excellent source of vitamins (especially vitamin C which provides energy) and trace elements essential for an effective immune system. Their fibers also improve intestinal transit, and therefore well-being . In addition, we must not neglect the consumption of dairy products, starchy foods and protein sources (meat, fish, eggs, soy, tofu, etc.).

To avoid lacking energy, you must ensure that you do not suffer from nutritional deficiencies, do not skip meals and eat enough in the right quantities. These factors can cause fatigue, weakening of the body and less resistance to infections.

3 Hydrate well 

Stay hydrated enough to stay in shape.

It is essential to drink between 1.5L to 2L of water per day for the proper functioning of the body. In fact, water helps reduce daily fatigue. Being sufficiently hydrated therefore helps improve the capabilities of the body and brain throughout the day.

However, you should avoid drinking sodas rich in sugar or aspartame because they quickly and considerably tire the body, particularly the pancreas.

Like coffee, they have a boosting effect in the moment, but are bad for fatigue that is already present.

Alcohol consumption, whether occasional or frequent, should also be avoided because it causes fatigue by attacking neurons and liver cells.

4 Do regular sporting activity 

Move and play sports to stay healthy.

Doing regular physical activity brings many health benefits: better cardiovascular functioning and blood activity, an increase in muscle mass, a reduction in fat mass, maintenance of joints and bones, a reduction in risks of cancers as well as improved sleep.

In addition, sport acts as an excellent stress reliever and helps strengthen the immune system.

The ideal is to do, at least, two or three sporting activities per week to stay in shape.

5 Take care of yourself

Make sure you take care of yourself every day.

To be in good shape, you have to know how to listen to yourself and take care of yourself. Indeed, getting to know yourself makes it easier to detect the signals that your body transmits.

First of all, stretching is beneficial for preserving your well-being by limiting the appearance of stiffness or pain related to the joints. Daily massages will also help tone and firm the muscles.

In addition, to promote your well-being and optimize your fitness, you must learn to manage your stress. Natural herbal solutions are excellent for relaxing and reducing anxiety.

Délicure offers a range of Stress gummies made from plants (rhodiola, holy basil and saffron) with vitamin B6 and the amino acid GABA. During a stressful situation, taking two gummies helps protect the nervous system and reduce stress.

A molecule from hemp, very popular at the moment: CBD has demonstrated numerous benefits in terms of stress but also for sleep as well as certain pathologies .

Discover our CBD products to find daily serenity!

Finally, to disconnect from the daily routine and put aside worries related to work, family tensions or personal problems, it is important to get some fresh air. The brightness of the sun's rays will boost morale and the oxygen will improve breathing by reducing shortness of breath.

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