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Article: What is CBD oil?

L'huile de CBD doit être consommée de manière sublinguale (sous la langue) pour tirer un maximum de l'efficacité de ce produit naturel

What is CBD oil?

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil (or cannabidiol) is one of the forms in which CBD is most sold on the market in France.

CBD is produced mainly from hemp flowers. Hemp is a plant variety of the Cannabis Sativa species. The latter is rich in CBD (cannabidiol), a molecule that is part of the cannabinoid family. The best-known cannabinoids are CBD and THC.

THC is the main active molecule of cannabis, it is considered psychoactive and can be addictive because it acts on the reward and motivation circuit, linked to dependence due to the increase in dopamine concentrations in the circuits. limbic meso. THC is a molecule which is considered narcotic and therefore prohibited in France. THC causes psychotropic effects unlike CBD. CBD has no psychotropic effect. Unlike THC, CBD is not addictive and does not cause health side effects.

CBD extraction and creation of CBD oil

Cannabidiol extraction involves removing the CBD extract from hemp, transforming it into a usable form of CBD. There are different extraction methods (cold method, carbon dioxide method, solvent method, etc.). Once extracted, the CBD will be mixed with vegetable oil (most often coconut oil) to create the CBD oil you consume. At Délicure, we use avocado oil as well as sweet almond oil because of their natural taste but also their many benefits.

Effects of CBD

Considered by its consumers as a well-being ally , CBD has positive effects on many health problems. In addition to reducing stress, cannabidiol acts as an anti-inflammatory and improves sleep quality. Additionally, CBD might even be useful in treating addictive behaviors. Thanks to its relaxing properties, CBD improves health and well-being. CBD could therefore be useful in helping us to be healthy.

Composition of CBD oil

CBD oil is not an oil that is 100% cannabidiol. It contains CBD extracts mixed with other oils often of plant origin (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc.) To refine the taste of CBD oils, it is possible to add flavorings. natural or not. 

CBD oil: what dosage to choose?

Choosing the right dosage of CBD oil is important to optimize the effectiveness of the product

Choosing the right dosage of CBD oil is important to optimize the effectiveness of the product. Regarding the dosage of CBD oil, there is no ideal quantity, everything will depend on the specific needs of each consumer.

Many factors influence the intensity and duration of the effect of cannabidiol, such as the person's weight, their tolerance to the product as well as the targeted symptoms.

Not all CBD oils are the same, in fact, they are distinguished by their CBD concentration (as a percentage %). This is therefore a criterion to take into account when choosing the right dosage.

Not all CBD oils are the same, in fact, they differ in their CBD concentration, their cannabinoid spectrum and their price range (as a percentage %). These are therefore criteria to take into account when choosing the right product.

Tips for choosing the right dosage

When using CBD oil for the first time, it is best to start by consuming small doses. Subsequently, you can gradually increase the number of doses and quantity to find the ideal dosage.

To establish the right dosage, you must take your weight into account. The ideal is to consume 0.5 mg of CBD per kilo to feel a satisfactory effect. For example, the recommended dosage for a woman who weighs 60 kilos is 30mg. This dosage can be taken all at once or in several doses. Example: three doses (morning, noon and evening, approximately 10 mg per dose). It is recommended not to exceed 50 mg of CBD per day. Délicure provides you with a calculator allowing you to know how much CBD to consume based on your goals and your weight.

For an oil with 10% CBD concentration, one drop of oil contains approximately 5mg of CBD; while a drop of concentrated 30% CBD oil contains around 15mg.

Délicure CBD oils are organic and 100% natural. They promote relaxation, make it easier to fall asleep and help reduce muscle and joint pain.

Délicure's broad spectrum CBD oils are organic and 100% natural. They promote relaxation, make it easier to fall asleep and help reduce muscle and joint pain. The broad spectrum CBD that we use provides an entourage effect increasing the effectiveness of our products. The broad spectrum is a complete extract of the hemp flower from which we have removed the THC (banned in France)

How to take CBD oil?

CBD oil can be consumed in two ways:

  • Sublingually: this is the method that allows CBD to be better absorbed. CBD oil is presented in the form of a small vial equipped with a dropper, which allows you to precisely measure the quantity of product to consume. This desired quantity of product, in the form of drops, must be placed under the tongue. These drops will be quickly absorbed by the mucous membranes. In fact, the effects of CBD are felt in just 10 minutes after ingestion. The only drawback is the bitter taste of the product, it may be annoying for some consumers.
  • Orally: this other method neutralizes the particular taste of CBD. It consists of placing drops of cannabidiol on food, or mixing them with a liquid. The taste of CBD will fade, or even disappear. It is even possible to use CBD oil for cooking , by adding a few drops to a classic oil. However, with this consumption, the effects of CBD will be felt less quickly and the CBD will be significantly less effective.

CBD in other forms

Please note, cannabidiol oils cannot be used in an electronic cigarette. Only CBD e-liquids are because they are designed specifically for this technology. In this e-liquid, cannabidiol is mixed with other ingredients such as propylene glycol.

CBD also exists in the form of flowers, soft capsules to ingest, candies and gummies or cosmetics to apply to the skin (ointments, creams, balms, etc.).

Regardless of the method of consumption chosen, it is advisable to respect the dosage prescribed on the product and not to exceed the recommended dose. Regarding the storage of the bottle of CBD oil, it is best to choose a dry, cool place protected from light.


Délicure products based on CBD

Délicure offers several vegan, natural CBD-based products made in France. They come in the form of CBD gummies , CBD candies , or organic CBD oils (based on 100% natural avocado oil and sweet almond oil) which are intended for sleep, stress as well as pain. Used as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, these products provide a feeling of well-being and relaxation.
At délicure, we try to provide CBD products that are effective, delicious and at attractive prices. Délicure offers quality products at affordable prices.

Consumer reviews of Délicure CBD products are very positive. They favor efficiency and attractive prices.

CBD products that are effective, delicious and at attractive prices. Our products are designed based on broad spectrum CBD, the broad spectrum provides an entourage effect to the CBD and therefore increases its effectiveness.

When to consume CBD oil?

There is no ideal time to consume CBD, it always depends on the needs and body of each consumer.

Consuming CBD in the morning, by adding a few drops of oil to your coffee for example, will make it easier to combat stress and improve concentration. While consuming CBD the evening will promote relaxation and better quality sleep. CBD oil must be consumed sublingually for full effectiveness, it is possible to add it to dishes and drinks but the effectiveness will be greatly altered.


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