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Article: How to have good immunity?

Les bons réflexes à adopter pour maintenir une bonne immunité.

How to have good immunity?

The immune system is the basis of good health in individuals. Nowadays, it is increasingly in demand and subjected to numerous attacks on a daily basis. This medical concept is very complex and covers a number of very technical elements. But, in a simple and practical way, how can you protect and strengthen your immunity?

Diet, the basis of immunity

First of all, the diet must be extremely stable and not contain any deficiencies, this will allow an optimal intake of vitamins and minerals and therefore strengthen our immune defenses. Depending on the season, it is essential to carefully monitor your levels of various vitamins (mainly vitamin C). It is advisable to drink a large glass of fresh orange juice every morning (and especially in autumn and winter). Undertake a magnesium treatment at the start of winter every year and as soon as necessary.

Good practices for good immunity

The proper functioning of the immune system requires a healthy lifestyle. It is essential to keep your body in shape in order to maintain good immunity. Once it is well-fed, it is necessary to maintain physical activity, ideally sporting, so as to always challenge it, maintain it and therefore stimulate its immunity. Once the activities are completed, pay close attention to the duration and weekly dose of sleep in order to guarantee the body's recovery (at least 7 to 8 hours per night).

It is also absolutely essential to have good, regular sleep (around 7 to 8 hours daily), because the amount of sleep and rest directly and immediately influence our immunity.

Stress also has a major impact on the immune system. In fact, a state of too intense stress will directly cause a drop in your immune defenses. (see article “ How to manage stress well? ”).

Tips for boosting immunity.

Ingredients to strengthen your natural defenses

The different vitamins and molecules are essential for the maintenance and stability of your immunity. Besides vitamin D, vitamins A, C, E are the most important to watch out for in your home. Two trace elements should also be taken into consideration: selenium and zinc. They are very important and are present in the basic daily diet. Vitamins and trace elements are valuable allies in preventing minor illnesses and low energy levels.

Selenium (present for example in Emmental, ham or even button mushrooms, etc.) helps maintain white blood cell levels (50 mg per day). Zinc (present for example in seafood, poultry, certain cheeses, etc.) helps protect cell membranes from infections thanks to microbial agents (10 to 15 mg per day).

Certain essential oils are also very valuable in immunity today based on their properties (mainly antiviral and immunostimulating). Among them, we include the essential oils of ravintsara, the essential oils of tea tree, leaf thyme, savory, thujanol, eucalyptus radiata, which are excellent antivirals and immunostimulants.

Finally, probiotics act sustainably on your body, as well as on its preservation and strengthening. They contribute, when taken regularly, to balancing and even enriching the intestinal flora, as well as to dispelling digestive disorders. Whatever the age, probiotics have a protective action on natural defenses.

The essentials of good immunity

Have a complete and regular diet all year round! Pay attention to your vitamin D levels! Drink a glass of fresh orange juice every morning! Start a magnesium treatment at the start of winter.

Take good care of your body! Maintain physical or even sporting activity all year round! Respect regularity and sleep time! In short, have a healthy lifestyle.

Ingest vitamin A, C, D and E, selenium and zinc! Test essential oils! Take the step of consuming probiotics, these good bacteria are a great ally for strengthening the immune system!

Monitor the quality of your sleep! Favor relaxing activities such as meditation, yoga or even sophrology for example. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by stress ! Stay positive and active!

Did you know ?

The intestine is today considered an organ in its own right, and hosts approximately 70% of the cells of the immune system. Protecting your intestine therefore directly amounts to acting on your immunity. Taking probiotics is therefore essential for maintaining good immunity. This is why at délicure, we have enriched our immunity gummies with five strains of expertly selected probiotics to help strengthen your immune system.

Boost your immunity naturally with our treatment!

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