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Article: What are the benefits of sleep?

Les vertus du sommeil sur la santé.

What are the benefits of sleep?

Sleep is the most soothing, most restorative, and most vital natural activity for our body after eating (healthy, complete, and regular). Nowadays, more and more people suffer from problems falling asleep, sleep disorders, insomnia and the repercussions this has on the body, as well as on overall health and mood. The average number of hours of sleep per night also tends to generally decrease over time. But, did you know that, in addition to its initial overall vital function of regenerating the energy of the body and mind, sleep has many other benefits ?

The importance of sleep for the body

The role of sleep.

Our body is like a kind of large machine, which requires both specific fuel (food) and rest time (sleep) for its proper functioning. Our sleep is then regulated (biological clock) by what we call “neurotransmitters”. These are molecules which act on different organs thanks to their amino acids. These amino acids are very important, and among them, one is essential: tryptophan. It is undoubtedly one of the most important amino acids with regard to sleep, because it contributes to the secretion of serotonin, which is (among other things) the molecule of emotional balance, relaxation, and appeasement. Tryptophan is found in foods such as white meat, almonds, milk, rice, and bananas, etc. In addition, during lack of sleep, the production of cortisol (the stress hormone) increases. The same is true to a lesser extent for ghrelin (the growth hormone) and leptin (the satiety hormone). The body needs its dose of rest approximately every 24 hours in order to bring about a metabolic rebalance in its body. It is therefore essential to have quality sleep that is truly restorative.

The most recent specialists, notably those from the Sleep and Vigilance Center at the Hôtel-Dieu in Paris, recommend a daily dose of approximately 7 to 8 hours of sleep in adults. If the dose is less than 6 hours, the individual is then exposed to a higher risk of pathologies.

Having a good sleep will not only “recharge” your body energy, but also boost your immunity .

Risks linked to sleep disorders

A lack of sleep will have almost immediate and potentially very serious repercussions for your body as well as for your health. Indeed, diet is mainly linked to sleep, as demonstrated by almost all current nutritionists.

For example, during periods of prolonged sleep deprivation, it is very likely to see an increase in weight in the individual, starting around ten or fifteen days. Eating at unusual times will also cause stomach activity at times of potential sleep and increase body temperature (which should ideally be lower to have undisturbed sleep). In addition, a tired individual will see their diet change, due to lack of time or energy to go shopping or to cook a complete and balanced meal. A lack of motivation appears in almost everyone. We will then enter a sort of “vicious circle” where the tired individual will then gain weight, which will ultimately make them even more tired.

Lack of sleep will have repercussions at various levels of the body: metabolic, cognitive, and behavioral. First of all, it is of course the character and morale of the individual that are affected, also their motivation, their determination, and their ability to concentrate and react. You can also develop anxiety or memory problems . Then, it is diet and weight that will experience variations. We may note the appearance of headaches, a reduction in the capacity to cope and resist pain, and sometimes a reduction in libido because testosterone levels are linked to sleep. Finally, there is an increased possibility of cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes, as well as in certain very serious cases, the appearance of cancers. On a pure cerebral level (nervous system), the proper functioning of neurons requires around 20% of our energy, a lack of sleep will therefore directly impact our thinking abilities and reduce the relevance of our judgment. We can sometimes also note together an increase in sleepiness during the day, paradoxical sleep, night terrors, nightmares, sleep apnea, etc.

Délicure CBD oil for good sleep.

Tips for getting good sleep

Many tips, very simple to implement on a daily basis, allow you to regulate your fatigue and get back to sleep. Whether you suffer from drowsiness, sleep apnea, or sleep time or sleep cycle problems, these tips can help you go to bed or fall asleep (simply) or even regain your own internal biological clock! They mainly concern general diet , sleeping conditions, and finally the characteristics of the sleeping place, and avoid resorting to sleeping pills. You will thus optimize your sleep and regain sleeping habits!

* Three meals a day, no more, no less! Hearty breakfast with protein, light meal in the evening (favoring foods containing tryptophan)! After 5 p.m., no sport, no sugar, no coffee, no alcohol, no soda! No naps after 4 p.m.! Go to sleep at a regular time (bedtime ritual)!

* Prepare your sleep! No noise, no screen, no phone at least an hour before bed! List the next day's program on a sheet of paper so you don't have to think about it anymore! Breathing exercises, soothing music, even ASMR sessions!

* A room made for sleeping! Tidy, quiet, dark, and clean! Have a good mattress and good pillows, no heating above 18°C! Get a good night's sleep of at least 7 full, continuous hours!

Tips for sleeping well.

Did you know ?

Several food supplements, particularly herbal teas, help to sleep deeply, also helping insomniacs or sleepwalkers who suffer from difficulty falling asleep and a lack of depth of sleep.

Délicure offers in its range a perfectly indicated supplement to sleep: “Sleep” gummies . This is a supplement which, like all the other ranges of the brand, is: made in France , gluten-free, 100% vegan, with delicious natural apple flavors, not tested on animals, and packaged in recyclable packaging! The gummies are composed of an alloy of linden flower, passion flower, poppy, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, and melatonin, to help you quickly find adequate, stable, undisturbed, and regular sleep, and therefore a restorative rest.

Délicure also markets a CBD sleep oil , ideal for effectively combating recurring sleep disorders. It contains high quality phyto cannabinoids which are CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol). These would have relaxing effects and would thus allow you to have a better night's sleep. Orange blossom essential oil, renowned for its calming properties, is also added to the composition to guarantee a highly effective product.

Another particularity, unlike traditional CBD oils based on refined coconut oil (MCT oil), Délicure oil is composed of organic sweet almond oil, a true health and beauty ally.

To benefit from the benefits of CBD sleep oil, simply place a few drops under the tongue and wait 1 minute before swallowing them. CBD is increasingly consumed to combat sleep disorders and today benefits from very good consumer reviews .

Gummies help relax the body and help you fall asleep.


Watch our video on our 10 tips for sleeping better:

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