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Article: How to take organic CBD oil?

qu'est ce que l'huile de CBD bio et comment la consommer ?

How to take organic CBD oil?

CBD is today a product very popular with consumers. In fact, around 6 million French people consume it to relax and naturally soothe their daily aches and pains. CBD oil is particularly the preferred product for quickly feeling the soothing effects of cannabidiol.

Many consumers ask the same question: How to take organic CBD oil? What is the best way to consume organic CBD oil to boost your well-being? You will find the answers in this article!

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural molecule extracted from the hemp plant (or cannabis sativa). It is the second most scientifically studied cannabinoid after THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main active molecule of cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause any addiction or psychotropic effects. THC is therefore considered a narcotic product and its consumption is prohibited in France.

As for the consumption of CBD, it is therefore completely legal in France and presents no danger to health.

Because it is not psychotropic, many consumers have been seduced by the therapeutic virtues of CBD . Indeed, consuming CBD would reduce stress, relieve pain or even regulate mood and emotions.

There are many CBD-based products available today: oils, capsules, tablets, CBD candies , chewing gum, gummies, and even cosmetic products.

What is organic CBD oil?


cbd oil a natural and effective product

Organic CBD oil (or cannabidiol) is one of the most popular and widely marketed CBD-based products on the market in France.

Composition of organic CBD oil

Organic CBD oil is not an oil made of 100% CBD. Organic CBD oil is supported by an oil of organic plant origin, and contains CBD (cannabidiol) from organic hemp.

To refine the taste of organic CBD oils, it is possible to add natural flavors.

Effects of organic CBD oil 

CBD is highly appreciated for its potential therapeutic virtues. In addition to relieving stress and its negative effects on the body, cannabidiol acts as a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory. Additionally, CBD may even prove useful in treating certain addictive behaviors.

Organic CBD oil: what dosage to choose?

Regarding the dosage of organic CBD oil, there is no ideal quantity. This dosage will depend on the specific needs of each consumer.

Several factors influence the intensity and duration of the effect of CBD, such as the weight of the consumer, their tolerance to the product as well as the targeted symptoms.

All organic CBD oils are not the same, in fact, they differ by their cannabidiol concentration (in percentage form%). This is therefore a criterion to take into account when determining its dosage.

Advice from Délicure for choosing the right dosage of organic CBD oil

From the first use of an organic CBD oil, it is better to start by ingesting small doses, then, subsequently, gradually increase the number of doses and the quantity to find your perfect dosage.

To determine your ideal dosage, you must take your weight into account. We recommend taking 0.5 mg of CBD per kilo to feel the optimal effect. For example, the ideal dosage for a woman who weighs 50 kilos is 25mg. This dosage can be taken all at once or divided into several doses (for example, morning, noon and evening, i.e. approximately 10 mg of CBD per dose).

For an oil that contains 10% concentration of CBD, one drop of oil contains approximately 5mg of CBD; while a drop of concentrated 30% CBD oil has approximately 15mg of CBD.

How to consume organic CBD oil?

put a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue for maximum effectiveness

Organic CBD oil can be consumed in two ways: sublingually and orally. Choose the administration method that suits you best!


The sublingual route is the preferred method for consuming organic CBD oil because it allows the CBD to be better absorbed.

Organic CBD oil comes in the form of a small bottle, equipped with a dropper, which allows you to precisely measure the quantity of cannabidiol to consume.

This quantity of CBD, in the form of drops, must be placed in the mouth and more precisely under the tongue. These drops of oil will be instantly absorbed by the mucous membranes. In fact, the benefits of CBD will be felt very quickly in 10 minutes.

The only drawback of organic CBD oil is the bitter taste of the product, which can be annoying for some cannabidiol consumers.


This second method helps mask the bitter taste of CBD. Simply put the drops of organic CBD oil on food, or mix them with a liquid. The taste of cannabidiol will fade or even disappear.

It is also possible to cook with organic CBD oil . To do this, you must add a few drops of organic CBD oil to a classic oil. However, with this method, the benefits of cannabidiol will be felt less quickly and the product will be less effective.

Please note, organic CBD oils cannot be used in an electronic cigarette. Only CBD e-liquids can because they are manufactured specifically for this technology. In this e-liquid, CBD is mixed with other active ingredients (propylene glycol for example).

Regardless of the consumption method chosen, it is recommended to respect the dosage indicated on the product and not to exceed the recommended dosage.

When to consume organic CBD oil?

There is no ideal time to consume organic CBD oil, it always depends on the needs and body of the consumer.

Taking organic CBD oil in the morning, by placing a few drops of oil in your tea for example, will help you cope better with stress; consuming organic CBD oil in the evening, before going to sleep, will promote relaxation and facilitate rapid falling asleep.

Délicure’s organic CBD oils

Délicure offers 100% natural organic CBD oils , guaranteed THC-free and designed in France with high-quality CBD from organic French hemp. They respond to various needs: stress, sleep, pain as well as painful periods/symptoms of premenopause.

Délicure's organic CBD oils have the particularity of having organic vegetable oils as support (organic avocado oil and organic sweet almond oil), unlike traditional CBD oils which contain refined coconut oil (MCT oil). ).

Organic CBD oils also contain other high-quality phytocannabinoids (CBN and CBG) and essential oils with therapeutic properties.

These products are exclusively reserved for adults. People under medicinal treatment and pregnant or breastfeeding women are invited to seek the advice of their doctor or a health professional before consumption.

To maintain its benefits, organic CBD oils must be stored in a dry, cool place and protected from light.


Watch our video on the 8 most asked questions about CBD:

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