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Article: The poppy, an ally of your sleep

Les vertus du coquelicot sur le sommeil.

The poppy, an ally of your sleep

Present in our sleep gummies , the poppy (Papaver rhoeas), or red poppy, is a plant known to everyone.

The poppy, a well-known plant

Very widespread in the fields, this magnificent herbaceous plant with bright red flowers is a traditional remedy well known for its action on nervousness as well as sleep disorders. For centuries, wild poppy has been the remedy par excellence used by our elders for a gentle and restorative sleep .

Pectoral, sedative and softening, poppy is frequently used for its beneficial action on sleep but also to treat bronchial conditions, coughs and hoarseness. Its sedative properties come from the alkaloid substances it contains and in particular rhoeadine. Unlike its cousin the sleeping poppy, it does not contain morphine. Rhœadine calms and softens but does not cause addiction, which is why poppy was long called “the harmless opium of the people”.

Used regularly in the form of an infusion, dried poppy petals provide a relaxing herbal tea to drink before bedtime.

The poppy, an aid to falling asleep.

An ally for your sleep

The poppy is a plant with multiple benefits, it is an important active ingredient in our “sleep” range.

It promotes falling asleep , and helps combat various sleep disorders in a natural way.

It is also able to act against stress, anxiety and nervousness . Thanks to its calming properties, it soothes palpitations due to an overly excitable heart and reduces the symptoms of anxiety states.

Other plants are recognized for their beneficial effect on sleep, for example linden, passionflower and lemon balm.

Did you know ?

The poppy has been known for millennia to bring peaceful sleep. The Egyptians, for example, scattered poppy petals in tombs to ensure peaceful eternal sleep for their deceased.

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