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Article: What are the health benefits of napping?

La sieste, cette pause aux nombreux bienfaits

What are the health benefits of napping?

A nap is a time of physiological rest to regain energy and vitality. It is an excellent natural practice for health, which corresponds to a decrease in alertness and the cyclical drop in body temperature.

The nap is often taken at the beginning of the afternoon, when a need to doze off is felt (drowsiness, yawning, itchy eyes, etc.). However, it does not compensate for lack of sleep.

Naps are not considered necessary, and may not be suitable for everyone. But in case of temporary fatigue, they help to stay in shape and improve awareness and attention.

Everything you need to know about naps.

What are the effects of napping on health?

Napping brings many health benefits, both psychologically and physically.

In addition to relaxing, a nap has the advantage of making you more productive for the rest of the day and improving the digestion of the meal.

A nap also helps optimize memory, attention, mood and performance. After a short nap, the brain can be at its maximum capacity.

Taking a nap is good for the heart and limits the onset of cardiovascular diseases. It acts as cardiovascular protection by regulating high blood pressure downward.

Like a good night's sleep, taking a nap is very effective in relaxing the body and its muscles, reducing the level of stress-related hormones , and restoring the proper functioning of the immune system.

The virtues of the nap.

What is the ideal length of a nap?

There is no ideal duration for taking a nap, nor even an ideal duration of sleep , everything will depend on each person's needs.

Taking a very short nap (micro-nap) lasting 5 to 10 minutes is recommended in cases of sleep deprivation or during work periods. It is beneficial for calming the mind and reducing stress.

The 20-minute nap is ideal for regaining alertness without altering nighttime sleep time. It is recommended to practice it 3 to 4 times a week.

It is composed of slow and light sleep, which allows you to easily return to your activities as soon as you wake up. It's perfect for people with exhausting or stressful jobs, long days, and who get up early or go to bed late.

A nap of 1 hour to 1.5 hours is preferred on weekends in the event of a significant lack of sleep. Beyond this duration, there is a risk of moving from light slow-wave sleep to deep slow-wave sleep. With the sleep cycle well underway, it is very likely that you will have difficulty waking up and getting back to the course of the day. It can also affect the next night and lead to insomnia.

Tips for taking a power nap

First, to avoid taking too long a nap, it is better to set a timer or an alarm clock (5 to 10 minutes at work for example).

Napping should not be taken at the end of the day or early evening as it risks disrupting the night to come. The ideal time is late morning or during the day.

In terms of position, the best is to lie down, or to sit without points of tension on a comfortable chair and rest your head to the side or your forehead on crossed arms.

Naps should not replace a good night's sleep. Indeed, sleep is an essential component of health to ensure the proper functioning of the body and regulate vital functions.

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