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Article: Natural anti-stress tips

Soulager votre stress naturellement avec ces tips !

Natural anti-stress tips

Stress is today, among other things, one of the main factors of chronic poor health. Regardless of age, gender, activity, situations experienced or socio-professional category, everyone is at one time or another affected by a form of anxiety or intense stress. In addition, the phenomenon tends to worsen over time, whether in personal life or at work. But in concrete terms, it is very often complex or restrictive to be able to stop this infernal spiral and find calm and serenity. Ultimately, how can you combat stress naturally in your daily life today?

  • Quick definition of stress

Stress, often combined with a form of fatigue and anxiety, is generally defined as a “nervous and psychological reaction in response to a shock, any aggression of the body”. Stress is thus on a physiological level, linked to several areas of the body. The causes of stress and its aggravating factors can therefore relate to several origins or situations: physiological stress, stress linked to the work environment, stress linked to the family or intimate environment, stress linked to any unforeseen event, etc. …

First of all, the cerebral sphere, that is to say the proper functioning and good rest of the brain, is immediately impacted by your state of stress. Any change should also be noted: difficulty concentrating, chronic memory loss, altered vision, shooting pain in the temples, sometimes even migraines, or in the worst cases fever.

Then, the digestive sphere is also one of the first places to feel stress. Indeed, everything related to the digestive system is directly managed by the brain that we have just mentioned, which will cause your body to have too much gastric acid influx. Any change can also be linked to stress, stomach aches, intestinal pain or cramps, bloating, or in the worst case ulcers.

Finally, the overall aspect of the body and mind must be monitored. Any physical change, even the slightest, weight gain or loss, hair loss, excessive sweating, attention problems, sleep problems, or even loss of desire and motivation, even depression.

From a physiological point of view, stress impacts these different morphological “spheres” in three main distinct stages, each of which has its own symptoms. Doctors have theorized three successive “phases” of appearance and development of stress in the individual:

* Alarm phase

In this first phase, where the first signs and stigmata of stress appear, the organs vital to survival will have the reaction of recovering all the energy present in the body, and redirecting it towards the organs necessary for a fight, a escape, survival: the brain, the heart, and the muscles. In this mobilization and redirection, the body will secrete two main hormones quickly and massively: adrenaline and cortisol. As a sort of anticipation of the intense stress that is coming, the organism prepares the body to resist, in particular by accelerating the heart rate and breathing and by improving cerebral, visual and sound concentration.

* Resistance phase

In this phase where stress signals persist, the body can enter into what we call “resistance”. That is to say, he prepares to fight to restore balance. The production of cortisol is then increased, several neurotransmitters are secreted (such as dopamine or serotonin). In this second phase, the body still reacts to stress in a positive, that is to say “stimulating” way.

* Exhaustion phase

If stress still persists, then the body will use its resources until the body's reserves are completely depleted. In this last phase, serotonin and dopamine levels are at their lowest, but cortisol levels remain high before also gradually collapsing. The patient then falls into a state of intense fatigue, chronic exhaustion, strong irritability or a depressive state.

Some tips to relieve stress naturally.

  • Practical advice to combat stress

Now that you know how to spot the stigma and symptoms of low stress, and that you can measure their impact on the body and on your health, let's see how to try to stop the phenomenon.

Stress therefore generally has an impact on our weight, our shape and our determination, it is very important not to completely abandon physical activities. It is therefore necessary, as far as possible, to continue exercising and favor traveling on foot or by bike.

Certain recently developed practices can also greatly help you maintain stable health. Among them, we note hypnosis, sophrology, various forms of yoga, chiropractic, or even more simply all breathing exercises (abdominal, thoracic, cardiac regulation). If this type of activity is complicated for you , here are some practical tips to apply on a daily basis:

* Remember to breathe well, calmly, completely and regularly.

* Try to consider as much as possible the positive aspect of events or obstacles that present themselves.

* Consider anticipating your work and rest times by organizing your schedule in a precise, organized manner, and well in advance.

* Incorporate regular moments of rest into the day, and remember to eat well.

* Provide a sufficient amount of sleep , regular and as undisturbed as possible.

* Try never to react quickly to events, learn to take a step back and analyze everything carefully before starting to stress or react.

Reduce your stress naturally with Délicure gummies!

  • Food supplements, natural anti-stress solutions

Despite the efforts undertaken, it is possible that for certain people, these “natural solutions”, these daily practical advice, are relevant but nevertheless insufficient. Currently, many types of extremely healthy products are now available to help aid your struggling health. Among them, food supplements (essential oils, tablets, gummies, etc.) appear to be one of the best solutions, specialized to overcome a particular deficiency. Of course, for individuals in the most urgent condition, who notably require the assistance of a doctor or psychiatrist, medical monitoring is obligatory, sometimes with pharmacy prescriptions and so-called “heavy” treatments.

Among food supplements, those containing so-called adaptogenic plants appear today to be the most indicated and effective in combating stress (its appearance, its maintenance, its development, etc.). Adaptogenic plants are medicinal plants, particularly used in herbal medicine, which therefore have “adaptogenic” values. They are generally defined as “plants possessing pharmacological substances capable of giving an organism increased resistance, making it possible to ward off possible attacks”. This may concern the level of stress, intense or exceptional efforts of the body... An adaptagen plant therefore has a direct effect on stress, its signals and symptoms, its level and its increase.

Certain adaptogenic plants have been known for a long time (essential oils) as being particularly effective for health, particularly on stress levels, thanks to their properties. Among them, we mainly include rhodiola, holy basil, saffron, and guarana.

For some time now, other medical scientific criteria have been added so that a plant can be properly qualified as an adaptogen. This must in fact now increase the overall resistance of the body in a specific way, but also have a normalizing action at the physiological level to facilitate an adapted response to stress, and finally not be toxic.

Nowadays, many food supplements are mainly composed of adaptogenic plants with the aim of reducing stress and anxiety. Rhodiola and holy basil ( ocimumtenuiflorum ) seem among them the most appropriate because they are the most relevant.

Rhodiola ( rhodiola rosea ) actually acts as a natural anxiolytic and antidepressant. Indeed, it helps maintain cortisol within physiological values, and blocks the destruction of serotonin and dopamine (which are, remember, the hormones of well-being). Rhodiola is therefore perfectly indicated for attacks of stress, anxiety , adjustment disorders generating anxiety, as well as depression (mild and moderate). This is also, to a lesser extent, the case for holy basil.

Saffron ( crocus sativus ) and guarana ( paulliniacupana ) are more interesting and effective in the event of a drop in morale linked to temporary anxiety, for example linked to disappointment, bad news, an accident or stress. latent. Saffron in particular has a neuroprotective role which acts on cognitive decline, particularly in people prone to neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's for example.

Délicure offers a perfectly indicated anti-stress supplement in its range: “Absolute Relaxation” . This is a supplement which is, like all the brand's other ranges: made in France , gluten-free, 100% vegan, with delicious natural flavors, not tested on animals, and packaged in recyclable packaging! The gummies are composed of an alloy of gaba, holy basil, rhodiola, saffron and vitamin B6, in order to protect the nervous system, reduce stress levels, and promote relaxation!

Take care of yourself naturally with our CBD products!

A molecule also seems ideal for stress management: CBD, délicure offers a wide range of CBD products: our CBD gummies , rich in CBD and vitamins, our CBD candies without sugar or with French honey, a fun and practical for a relaxing break from everyday life or our CBD oils targeted for stress, sleep and pain.

Did you know ?

Rhodiola is a mountain plant, sometimes called “pink stonecrop”, “golden root” or even “tundra ginseng”. Its name actually comes from the light, subtle rose scent its roots give off when freshly cut. It grows in cold regions (Asia, Siberia, Scandinavia, North America, etc.) and sometimes develops up to 4000 m altitude. As it grows, Rhodiola is a plant that adapts and becomes more and more resistant to attacks from its environment (climatic conditions, weeds, various attacks, etc.).

It has been used for a long time in multiple situations and contexts, particularly since Antiquity and the Middle Ages, and was sometimes called “golden root”. We know today that the Vikings used it to compensate for declines in form and morale and in order to regenerate as quickly as possible and to give them courage and ardor in what they undertook. . This plant from the Arctic Circle was one of their main daily “medicines”.

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