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Article: Beauty: how to grow your nails?

Beauté : comment faire pousser ses ongles ?

Beauty: how to grow your nails?

Nails are the beauty asset of the hands. Indeed, just like hair , nails determine our beauty and reflect our general health.

A healthy lifestyle is essential to maintain healthy nails. Repeated exposure to aggressive products, stress, nutritional deficiencies or poor care are often the cause of breakage, color change or slowed growth of nails.

Nails need to be pampered, by adopting good habits on a daily basis, to encourage their growth and preserve all their beauty.

How to grow your nails quickly?


You should know that nails grow between 3 and 4 mm per month. Taking care of them with natural products and maintaining a healthy lifestyle contribute to their strengthening and healthy growth.

Use vegetable oils

The secret to having healthy glowing nails is to use vegetable oils. Among the best vegetable oils for taking care of your nails, we distinguish castor oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil or even olive oil because they are rich in fatty acids and in nutrients. They naturally strengthen and stimulate the growth of nails. To benefit from their virtues, simply apply a few drops of oil directly to the nails, and massage them gently for a few minutes.

Make natural treatments

Natural treatments are highly recommended to enhance and restore beauty to nails. They are an alternative to chemical products which tend, in the long term, to damage and encourage breakage of nails. A treatment based on garlic juice or lemon juice, for example, is excellent for stimulating their growth and restoring shine.

Push back cuticles

To facilitate their growth, it is recommended to push back the cuticles and release the skin around the nail. To do this, you must use a suitable tool (cuticle pusher) so as not to hurt the skin, and, just before, soak your hands well in lukewarm water to soften them. This action should be carried out once a week to properly maintain your nails.

Protect your nails

When doing housework, or activities that risk damaging your nails, it is strongly recommended to apply a protective base and use gloves to protect your nails.

Have a balanced diet

To grow well and stay healthy, nails need nutrients. It is therefore important to have a balanced diet, favoring foods with a high concentration of vitamins and trace elements. These are whole grains, eggs, white meats, fish and even legumes. In addition, it is obviously recommended to drink 1.5 liters of water per day to preserve the vitality of the nails.

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Dietary deficiencies can cause brittle nails and slow growth. To compensate for them, there are beauty food supplements, rich in nutrients and plants, which are intended to nourish the nails from the inside and promote their growth. 

The role of food supplements for nail beauty


Food supplements for beauty are products containing vitamins, trace elements as well as plants which have the virtue of enhancing nails, hair and skin .

Take a course of food supplements for the beauty of nails to, on the one hand, cover nutritional deficiencies likely to alter their state of health, and, on the other hand, give them a boost for their growth. Food supplements provide all the nutrients necessary for nail growth.

These products come in the form of capsules, tablets, ampoules or even gummies, soft fruit-flavored candies. This type of food supplement is ideal for consumers who are greedy, and/or have difficulty taking traditional food supplements that look like medicines.


Délicure gummies to grow nails


Délicure offers gummies, with a delicious wild berry flavor, to strengthen nails and boost their growth. This food supplement is also intended to enhance hair and preserve the beauty of the skin.

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These Hair Nails Skin gummies are natural, vegan and designed in France with essential nutrients to maintain beautiful nails.

Composition of gummies Hair Nails Skin

Hair Nails Skin gummies are rich in B vitamins (B6, B8, B9 and B12) and vitamin E. Each of these vitamins contributes to maintaining healthy nails as well as making them stronger and less sensitive to nail damage. external attacks. Vitamin B8 (biotin) promotes blood circulation to the hair bulb and thus accelerates nail growth.

In addition to containing vitamins, this product is composed of two trace elements which are zinc and selenium. This alloy is ideal for stimulating and growing nails and hair faster. Zinc has the particularity of strengthening the nails since it participates in the synthesis of keratin, the main protein which constitutes the nails.

Finally, the Hair Nails Skin gummies contain blueberry extract. By stimulating microcirculation at the hair roots, this small fruit boosts hair growth. In addition, blueberry promotes nail resistance.

Tips for using gummies Hair Nails Skin

There is no ideal time to consume Hair Nails Skin gummies. The main thing is to chew two gummies a day, and, ideally, to do a three-month treatment to see optimal results on the nails.


Contraindications of gummies Hair Nails Skin

Before consuming Hair, Nails, Skin gummies, we invite pregnant or breastfeeding women and people under 16 to seek the advice of a health professional.

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