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Article: The 7 best anti-stress activities

Testez ces activités pour lutter contre le stress !

The 7 best anti-stress activities

Today, a large number of people are affected by stress, and more particularly physiological stress (also called “emotional stress”).

Many factors can be sources of stress such as work overload, illness, relationship difficulties, financial problems or even studies.

Daily stress and tension waste energy and significantly affect quality of life.

Fortunately, there are simple activities accessible to everyone, adults and children, to relax, stay calm and have fun in the healthiest way possible.


1 – Practice physical activity

Get moving to relieve stress!

Sport is an excellent anti-stress activity, which improves both mental and physical health.

Indeed, sporting activity releases calming hormones called endorphins, which help reduce anxiety and cause pleasure.

Practicing sport regularly for at least 30 minutes a day brings many benefits to the body and helps relieve stress, reduce tension and improve morale.

Yoga is particularly an anti-stress sport known for promoting relaxation of the body and mind, and improving stress management.

2 - Coloring

Color to forget your negative thoughts!

Coloring is one of the activities favored by many people to ease their anxiety . By focusing on their coloring pattern, they get rid of negative thoughts and emotions.

Coloring is an easy way to release tension and soothe the mind on a daily basis.

There are many coloring books, for children and adults, specially designed to promote relaxation and combat stress.


3 – Perform breathing exercises


Breathe to release tension!


Breathing is the essential anti-stress tool, available at any time of the day. Very relaxing, it helps calm anxiety and eliminate toxic waste accumulated in the body.

The benefits of breathing are numerous: better health, more stable nervous balance, restorative sleep and even a reduction in tension.

One of the simplest breathing exercises is, first of all, to breathe slowly through your stomach. Then, inhale for three seconds, hold the air in your lungs for twelve seconds, and exhale through your mouth for six seconds. You must exhale as deeply as possible, reaching the end of your breath.

4 – Do meditation

Meditate to find serenity!

Known for its relaxation, meditation is effective in relieving stress, but can prove to be, for some, a difficult exercise due to the concentration it requires.

Through meditation, it is possible to train your mind to achieve a state of inner calm and serenity, which helps combat daily stress. Meditation also improves self-esteem, increases creativity and helps you fall asleep.

To free yourself from stress and succeed in putting things into perspective, it is advisable to sit in a quiet place, without distractions, and position yourself cross-legged. Holding your back straight and closing your eyes, you must inhale and exhale deeply, clearing your head.

5 – Do puzzles

Do puzzles to occupy your mind!

Doing puzzles is a fun activity to have fun at home, which provides a moment of relaxation and allows you to get away from screens. In addition to being beneficial for the brain, it helps reduce stress and tension.

Unlike some activities, puzzles do not put neurons to sleep but help to stimulate them. It is an activity that is both fun and intellectual because it uses several different areas of the brain simultaneously. So, performing it on a regular basis can develop memory, improve concentration and perfect your logical mind.

6 – Listen to soft music

Listen to soft music to relax!

Listening to soft, calming music can be helpful in combating stressful moments.

By having an instant effect on the body, music stimulates the hemispheres of the brain and decreases the levels of stress-related hormones. It also helps slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure. Breathing thus becomes deeper and more regular.

To relax with music, simply isolate yourself in a comfortable and quiet place, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing to let yourself be carried away by the pleasant and relaxing sound.

7 – Take a walk in nature


Get some fresh air to clear your mind!

Leaving the house and taking regular walks in nature, in the forest or by the sea, can help reduce stress and increase resistance to anxiety.

It is therefore a good habit to adopt to improve mental health and learn to better manage stress.

At least once a week, a walk is recommended to stimulate metabolism and reduce stress hormone levels.

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Stress gummies are enriched with calming plants (rhodiola, holy basil, saffron), vitamin B6 and the amino acid GABA. This combination of active ingredients helps promote relaxation and protect the nervous system from the harmful effects of stress.

Lemon flavored “ CBD gummies ” are ideal for reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. They are enriched with vitamins, sources of energy, and CBD , a natural molecule from the hemp plant, known for its soothing and relaxing properties.

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